Saturday, June 6, 2009

Petsmo?e ZzzZzz

I went petsmo?e to restock kibbles. The staffs have forgotten about my previous order and recommdended Evo Innova Chicken based kibbles 7kg (RM120). Before purchasing that particular item, I asked if the respective brand is suitable for my 4 months old Miniature Schnauzer, the arrogant supervisor said "Yes, I am feeding my dog with that brand as well". Without having a second thought, I bought it and have been feeding Lex with it over 3 weeks. I was astonished to see his coating fading badly from black to brownish black. Worst of all are the hot spots appearring on the body. I went for vet consultation and found out hot spots are caused by high contains of protien in kibbles. The amount of protein for miniature dogs should be around 20%, more than that are meant for large breeds. Sighs......I have learnt that people who works in petshop know nuts! Not reliable!

Please visit footnote says high contains of calcium and protein, suitable for large breed......

So later that evening I have changed Lex's kibbles to Natural Balance Lamb and Brown Rice Rm52.00 and Natural Pet Skin and Coat Supplement Rm57.00 (60 tablets). Natural Pet is a very good product, can see results in 6 days :)

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