Sunday, June 21, 2009

How stay command comes in handy

Are there times your tired of your dog following you everywhere around the house or need some privacy doing a few things like going to the toilet? This is where stay command comes in handy. First of all you need to teach your dog to sit. When he tries to get up, have him sitted again and repeat the word "stay" for a few times. Repeat this until he fully understands what you mean by stay. Good luck and have fun. The following video was taken last night when I need Lex to stay still while I grab myself a drink in the kitchen.

The following video was taken when Lex is cleaning himself like a cat!....


Ebi n' Emma said...

Hihi Lex-Pa!

Am organising a schnauzer gathering for me & my pals on next sunday~ Inviting you to join us with Lex - we've never seen this cutie before! Heh

We're going to K9 Kampus @ Turf City where owners can meet & have lunch while chatting around, furkids can roam & play inside cafe / outside on the enclosed pavement areas or even at the mini dog-run @ the back of cafe & have their lunch packed from US Doggie Bakery next door.

They too offered us Buffet Style instead of the usual ala-carte off their menus~

(BUFFET STYLE) Party Menu (choose 1 from each category):
1) Homecook Curry Chicken or Curry Chap Chye or Kueh Pie Tie
2) Veg Fried Bee Hoon or Fried Rice or spaghetti with beef bolognaise sauce.
3) Nuggerts with Fries or Sotong Balls or Veg Dumpling
4) BBQ Chicken Wings or Hawaiian Terriyaki Chicken or Fried Fish
5) Assorted Sandwiches or Open Toast or Salad with Ham
6) Brownie or Choc Banana Muffin or Almond Jelly or Mix Fruits
You can also have option of ordering ice lemon tea or orange juice @ S$8/tub. Usually people will order 2 tubs.

Date : 05 July 2009 (Sunday)
Time : 12.00 PM
*note that cafe is block-out for our gathering for 2hrs (12-2pm) only. Guests can still stay & linger around thereafter*
Venue : K9 Kampus (110 Turf Club Road D9-10 K9-Kampus Singapore 288000)

As the cafe only accomodates comfortably 20 guests (maximum 22), please confirm ur attendance asap ok?

As of now;-
Confirmed Total : 12 Humans & 15 Dogs
Tentative Total : 15 Humans & 17 Dogs

Do let me know if you're keen to join us ok? Cheers!

Ebi n' Emma said...


Sorry!! Thought you're in Singapore. Kekeke