Sunday, April 12, 2009

2nd Vaccination

Brought Lex for his second vaccination and deworming today in Taman Segar Vet. Lex was inspected by Dr. Tham. Good Vet and professional! He said Lex is healthy. Was shocked to see Lex didn't resist and cried during his vaccination. He was given a 9 in 1 jab for RM40!! So cheap!!

I have asked Dr. Tham if I should pluck fur from Lex's ears. He said nope not really as Lex's ears doesn't wax alot. If full plucked he said is not good as it will cause ear irritation! The above is a ear solution I bought from him. Got a tutorial from Dr. Tham too.


Santa said...

Lex is such a good boy! He's a brave boy too! Hugs and kisses for Lex!

Tiramisu said...


Sinv said...

RM40 for the jab is very cheap.

but dun need to pluck ear fur? first time i heard.

Tiramisu said...

9 in 1 jab for rm40 ^^ rather cheap! Segar vet in cheras. Which vet you go Sinv?