Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Advance Stay V1.2

This is Lex with the early stay.

This is Lex in half an hour later :) Gonna increase the stay time the next session. Hope you enjoy those poor footage ~.~!

It has been a month training Lex with this clicker. Can get it in under CAT training tools (RM25 without ribbon). When Lex acted correctly on my commands, I will just click on it and reward him with treats. Clicker makes training easier as puppies can't really understand human langguage. Clicker helps to translate that command into actions. Will post more on my clicker training methods. Catch up with me soon. :)


Santa said...

Lex is getting smarter...thanks to a good master and a trainer...hehehe...

Tiramisu said...

-,- i am a amateur only