Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Remain calm with other K9 presence

This was taken few hours after dinner, before Lex will go crazy chasing larger dogs till the main road. Now am glad he knows i don't like him doing that LOL. Daily walks can be very enjoying in 4 conditions:

1. Your leading you pet in walks
2. He can roam freely only when given the signal to do so
3. Control on markings (will show how to make them not to mark unless given permission)
4. Not chasing human or pets....

However I failed in getting Lex not to sniff around when he caught a scent...

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Santa, Minnie and Christmas said...


You have asked about the beef liver treats, they can keep for four or five days, maybe, in the fridge. It also depends on how dehydrated they have been baked in the oven.

I prefer liver and chicken treats rather than sausages as I find sausages rather salty, too much seasoning I guess.