Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finally out from Quarantine Centre

Finally made it home!

Have shipped Lex back to Sabah and it was a nasty process to go through, especially the quarantine part. Lex was quarantined for 35 days (RM12 per day) and the place was unpleasant. What can I expect from the government vet.... Lex was returned infested with ticks and dirt.....

A lot of people has been looking for an answer on how to fly with thier pets. Finally here are some guidelines, in case some of you are planning to get shifted to another region. First of all by all means do not look for a agent. An agent will overcharge you and telling you this and that which are not necessary.... It is cheaper if you D.I.Y it yourself.

1. Apply an import permit from destination you are going, it can be done by someone you know at the government vet. As for my case, my parents helped me. (2 working days and only pets above 3 months old can travel by air)

2. Bring your pet to the government veterinary department for microchip implant and 2 injections; rabies and and distemper. (all together RM170)

3. After you have the import permit, bring your pet to the government veterinary again for health check. Later on they will issue you a pet passport and an export permit. (could be done within 2 hours)

4. When you have acquired the export permit and pet passport, you can just check-in your pet as excess baggage. Meaning to say your pet will be travelling with you on the same flight. Excess baggage for Lex is about RM130++. *Please take note only MAS accept live animals on board and no other airlines in Malaysia. As for the carrier you need not worry too much, MAS staff don't give a damn...... Just get one which has enough space for the pet to move around.

5. Upon reaching there will be officers taking your pet for quarantine. During this period make sure you have all the documents with you. Standard quarantine period is 30 days but you can apply for 2 weeks home quarantine, however these useless baggers will take their sweet time to approve it.

Last but not the least, am also home for good and leaving me plenty of time to update this blog. LOL....


Jason said...

welcome back... so lex no longer with u here d?? what's your plan next ??

Santa, Minnie and Christmas said...


We have just been thinking about you and how Lex is doing. Good to see you back!

Poor Lex, he must be all frightened and stressed out being quarantined for 35 days!! Didn't you try to apply for the 2 weeks quarantine? Who knows, they might not be as slow in approving it. ;p

Hope Lex gets some quality time with the family for a little while now after being away for such a long time!!

Tiramisu said...

Not good, lots of ticks.... Did apply for 2 weeks home quarantine but they always say Director is on field trip and vacation, no one is here to approve it.... Lots of pedigrees in the quarantine center and all of them are scare.... Pitty

-Jason; am back with Lex